Losing Carrie and Debbie

carriedebbieThe loss of Carrie Fisher and her mom, Debbie Reynolds, this week, was devastating to film fans around the world. It revealed even more how cruel this year has been. In my home, it left such a heavy feeling among us. For me, especially after reading an excerpt of Carrie’s memoir, The Princess Diarist, about a month ago and adding it to my TBR, after watching the Star Wars marathon on TNT a few weeks ago (and sitting through The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi again the following weekend), and especially so after watching my beloved When Harry Met Sally, just days before Christmas after Carrie’s heart attack.

For my kids, the loss of Debbie was just as tough. Especially after my son and I made halloweentown_picplans on Christmas Day to see one of his favorite classics, Singing in the Rain, on the big screen next month and after my daughter experienced some frustration when she was unable to find Halloweentown in time for her Halloween night movie party with her friends. We’ll find it now – she really wants to see Grandma Aggie (the sequels won’t satisfy her right now) and I can’t blame her.

When I was a freshman in college in Roanoke, Virginia, I remember hearing that Debbie Reynolds lived there. I also recall hoping that I’d have the chance to see her at the mall or something. Silly me, huh? I never did and I’d forgotten about that until the other day…

It’s still hard to process and I feel so deeply for their family. I do pray they’re together now and are now at peace.


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