Briefly On Brief Encounter

Brief_Encounter_trainI’m not one to wear my romantic sensibilities on my sleeve and my daughter called me out on it the other day when she called me the “Chick-Flick Queen”. I winced a tad at the title, but can’t deny the fact that she’s right. I love my romantic movies – comedies and dramas. My Valentine’s Day movie recommendations here proves that.

So, after stumbling on this post from my beloved Criterion Collection site, I decided I needed to share it, to keep it here for posterity. There are several romantic movies that will leave me with a tear or two, but only a handful will reduce me to a blubbering mess. Brief Encounter (1945) with Celia Johnson and Trevor Howard actually settles a lump in my throat the entire way, unleashes tears inbriefencounter abundance at the end, and renders me completely still for a while as I attempt to return to the present.

David Lean’s film about forbidden love, missed soulmates, set in the stunning backdrop of a post-war, black and white, 1945 London and surrounded by Rachmaninoff’s “Concerto No. 2 for Piano and Orchestra” isn’t at all sappy. Based upon Noel Coward’s 1936 play, Still Life, it is beautiful, surreal, real, and absolutely heart-wrenching. Criterion has recently released it on Blu-Ray. Click here to learn a bit more about this masterpiece and to see the trailer. Time to go shopping

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