I just purchased another Sinatra Christmas CD. The one with he and Bing got lost in a move ages ago (spotted a copy online just last night!). I need to hear that snappy little groove of “Jingle Bells” when I want! My daughter’s due date was originally Dec 12, years ago – she decided to say “Hello” a few days earlier instead 🙂 – but I always remember it was to be on his birthday! She knows too. My dear friend, Aurora, has an absolutely beautiful post with some incredible links to the Maestro’s earlier works including radio! I had to share it below! The one with Bogey, Bacall, and Borge is bound to be hoot. Years ago, we had a cat named Ava, as spunky as Ms. Gardner, and she too knew the music that played from my many Sinatra albums and cassettes. From those days, my son discovered and loved “Come Fly with Me”… come to think of it, I want to hear him sing it now. I’ll ask him later. When my husband belted out that same song one day when we were dating, I knew I had a keeper. Thanks, Aurora, for this post and for again sharing that lovely tribute from your friend, Rob. Sinatra and my grandfather were the same age. We both had tears when I told him he’d passed away. And I clearly remember him saying, “They don’t make ’em like they used to”. No, Papa, they don’t… they don’t.

Gee… now I’m hearing set ’em up, Joe, in my head…. Please check out the Classic Sinatra, a Centennial Celebration and be sure to watch and listen to the links below!

Once upon a screen...

Frank Sinatra would’ve celebrated his 100th birthday on December 12th, 2015.  As one of the most beloved and admired entertainers of the 20th Century you certainly will find no shortage of tributes dedicated to Ol’ Blue Eyes.  Well, here’s another one.


I dedicated this to the man and his music, the extraordinary voice I never tire of listening to and offer fun examples of his work on radio and television as a remembrance.  I promise these are all well worth your time.


On the Radio

To start – America’s new singing sensation guest stars on Fred Allen’s Texaco Star Theater

As Rocky Fortune Sinatra plays a “footloose and fancy-free,” but tough young man who takes on a number of odd jobs and always runs into trouble.  A B-grade, but enjoyable private eye show.  Here are two episodes:

“Hepcat Kills The Canary”

“Murder on the Isle”

Next is a Screen Guild Theater production…

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