Welcome Back, Bob!*

I never realized just how much I missed one person on camera as much as I’ve missed Robert Osborne since he’s been away from Turner Classic Movies these past few months. Thankfully, he’ll be coming back in a couple of days, on December 1.

Some of the guest hosts have been okay and Ben Mankiewicz is still a jewel, however, I have really missed Mr. Osborne’s insight, the backstory of each flick he has ready to share: immediately before and after it airs (!), and quite simply his voice. For many, many years, he’s been a part of my household along with my cats (one named Ava!), my husband, and my kids!

In college, I took quite a few film classes – thanks to my mom’s influence on Saturday and late-night old movie TV broadcasts growing up – and I even lucked up getting the cool job in the AV department so I could watch and rent any and all classics I could get my hands on beyond my Hitchcock and Lewton requirements. But nothing has taken my passion for these films over the top other than Mr. Osborne’s debonair presence on TCM. He’s helped show the world not only how important classic films are, but also just how cool they are.

His influence in our television viewing at home has been quite strong and more than welcome. My son has many favorite classics, especially The Shop Around the Corner; one of my husband’s first gifts to me when we were dating was a Roman Holiday DVD; and you oughta hear my daughter and me sing “Roly-Poly Baby” from Pillow Talk sometime!

I recall times I was happy to be sick from work when my favorite star had a birthday marathon. I not only got the movies, I got Mr. Osborne’s lessons with them… the production of the movie, the actors’ lives during those moments. I’ve always loved his interviews with the stars… his is not just a Q&A fest either, it’s a conversation! Oh, much better than something like a math class any day!

For years, I have quipped that Robert Osborne has my dream job… I still think so. But, Lord knows, I’m glad he’s got it. He’s the best.

Welcome back, Mr. Osborne!

Thank you to @willmckinley and @MissCarley of the twitter #TCMParty community for asking me to participate in the Welcome Back Bob blogroll! This was my post.

*Reposted from Tonya’s Writing Cottage: “Welcome Back, Bob!” (11/29/2011)

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