Ingrid Bergman’s mesmerizing expressions

This post is a part of the Turner Classic Movies’ Summer Under the Stars 2012 blogathon, as hosted by Michael of ScribeHardOnFilm and Jill of Sittin’ On A Backyard Fence.  Thanks for the opportunity to share my admiration for Ingrid Bergman, who’s being celebrated August 29, a bittersweet date that marks her day of birth in … More Ingrid Bergman’s mesmerizing expressions

Welcome Back, Bob!*

I never realized just how much I missed one person on camera as much as I’ve missed Robert Osborne since he’s been away from Turner Classic Movies these past few months. Thankfully, he’ll be coming back in a couple of days, on December 1. Some of the guest hosts have been okay and Ben Mankiewicz … More Welcome Back, Bob!*