Back in the mid-1990s, when I got my first PC, I wanted to create a website dedicated to my love of classic movies. However, I didn’t know much about computers and I certainly didn’t know enough about website design to tackle it on my own back then. I did take an HTML course online, and, to this day, I still only know how to boldface, italicize, and underline in HTML. Beyond that… nothing’s happening.

I searched for other sites to see if there was much interest and didn’t see anymore than IMDB. Thinking I’d have no audience, I left it alone. As much as I loved Turner Classic Movies and, back then, American Movie Classics (now AMC), I was hoping to find other fans like me who wanted to talk old movies. Granted, my mom and son were on board, I knew there were others!

Sometime after that, I stumbled upon a website dedicated to Miss Crabtree from The Little Rascals (found it again!) But, I’d lost my nerve by then to develop my own. However, I did eventually write one article and then sadly faded away into internet obscurity. Well, many years later, I joined Twitter and there was my community! One night there was a tweet-along with some TCM 1950s sci-fi movies that I jumped into. It was one of the most hilarious and fun events I’d encountered. My husband thought I’d lost my mind, cracking up as I was.

Not long after that, the #TCMParty hashtag was formed, signaling the happening place for the classic film fan community. We tweet about old movies and the stars of yesterday. We post blogs about them (you see I tried again before now!). Some of us welcomed Robert Osbourne back to TCM after his absence last year. We really missed him. And, we’re still tweeting along with movies: sci-fi, comedies, tearjerkers, adventure. You name it. It’s fun! Like MST3000 sometimes!  It’s an honor to be one of the first of the bunch and it’s wonderful watching the community grow! I’ve met some great folks out there. They’re a super group of tweep friends!

So, finally here’s my formal step into the waters. My son’s favorite old movie (one of them anyway) is The Seven Year Itch, which he calls “the tomato plant movie” or “the one with the lady and the underwear in the icebox”(!). There, Marilyn said that Rachmaninoff would shake and quake her. Well, I can attest that those old movies do the same for me.

And they make me “goosepimply all over,” too!